Leadership is art

Artists (unless you’re a paint-by-the-number connoisseur) don’t follow a map. They take a message and express it in a chosen medium, their way.

Their work may become world famous. It may flop. But the artist shows up, does the work, and delivers something meant to inspire, challenge, or entertain.

Leadership, too, is choosing to show up in uncertain spaces, bringing the best we have to offer, and daring to help make things better.

Wherever you are – in higher ed or any other field – you are there to make an impact. That’s both encouraging and a challenge to level up and bring  the contribution you’re capable of making.

This is a space to explore what it means to authentically lead with courage, creativity, and connection, to challenge assumptions, and to create cultures where growth and contribution are the norm.

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When online education scales, you can hire James Cameron to produce Math 101

Marc Andreessen, creator of Netscape, talks about, among other things, online education: You could probably bring in the whole online-education movement. But for me, the question is, who does the best with online schooling? And it’s mostly ­autodidacts, people who are self-starters. They’ve found that people from low-income communities actually get the least out of it. … Continue reading When online education scales, you can hire James Cameron to produce Math 101

Failure arrives in a whimper

“Failure almost always arrives in a whimper. It is almost always the result of missed opportunities, a series of bad choices and the rust that comes from things gradually getting worse. Things don’t usually explode. They melt.” – Seth Godin

Education hasn’t seen true disruption. Yet.

For the first 10 years of “fairly common internet usage,” newspapers were fine. There was email. There was AOL. There was instant messenger. There were even some news sites. But for news, the local newspaper still provided a better product than the others. Last weekend, my wife and I signed up for a six-week newspaper deal … Continue reading Education hasn’t seen true disruption. Yet.

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