Low key journaling

scotthodge.org: “So all of this got me thinking about journaling – which is a discipline that I’ve recently begun with greater consistency. My dad left several years worth of journals behind – which are worth more than silver and gold to us. That is part of the reason I’ve decided to focus in more on … Continue reading Low key journaling

Ministry buzz

tony morgan | one of the simply strategic guys: “It’s pretty apparent that the ministry that Jesus had while on earth created a lot of buzz. Word about what he was doing spread rapidly throughout the region. The question that raised in my mind is this: Do you think his ministry can still generate that … Continue reading Ministry buzz

Relevant worship

TheBolgBlog: “Relevant churches are rarely even closely relevant. Most Christians don’t even like them. They might be better than Mom and Dad’s morning service, but they usually are quite irrelevant to the outsider. The church person cannot ‘guess’ what the seeker wants, undoubtedly getting it wrong. What Christians need to do is create meaningful worship … Continue reading Relevant worship

Don’t settle

( ( a r d e n t ) ): “Yesterday I was talking with a number of guys who are either in ministry or training to be in ministry. I was really challenged to look at my life and step it up after hearing a couple of the things they said: + I’ve got … Continue reading Don’t settle