A church planter wanted for north side of Atlanta

Mad Babble From A Church Planter…:

“Every time I go there I get the church planting bug. I drove around last night, got out and walked and prayed and come to this conlusion: Ridge Stone is going to start a church there. I will personally help someone raise money and I will invest in that area. If someone could go down there and something like Journey Church or National Community Church I have no doubt it will blow the doors off. There is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING in this area. I would start at the Regal but my ultimate goal would be to move into Earthlink Live.”

Man, if I were about two years further down the road I would jump at this opportunity. It sounds like an exciting area that actually needs a church. It’s also near a college campus, which I’ve always wanted to plant near. And my wife, who works as a zoo keeper, could get a job at Zoo Atlanta :).

But not yet. It’s not time. Maybe eventually.

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