Don’t settle

( ( a r d e n t ) ):

“Yesterday I was talking with a number of guys who are either in ministry or training to be in ministry. I was really challenged to look at my life and step it up after hearing a couple of the things they said:

+ I’ve got a lot going on right now, so I think I’m going to skip church this weekend. It’s no big deal, I just have to get all this done.

+ I don’t really do a personal quiet time… you know, I read the Bible with my girlfriend… but, not really on my own.

+ Prayer – yeah, I don’t really pray alone. I only pray with my wife.

Wow – just typing those made me mad. There was much more – but you get the point.

I find that so many times in my life I am so focused and driven at many things – yet mediocrity hounds the things that really count. Personal time in prayer. Personal study of the word. Corporate worship. My relationship with my wife.”

The little things matter. Sin starts small. We cannot settle.

In Romans, Paul focuses on theology in chapters 1-11 and practical living in the rest of the book. In our lives, we must know God and then do something about it. Some guys just sit around talking theory and missing the point. Others run off and do whatever comes along without ever being intentional about their lives and ministry. I pray I, we, can be consistent in knowing God and willing to risk in doing His will.

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