Relational footholds

Ben Arment posted some good thoughts about relational ministry and ministry to moms on his blog a month or two ago:

“Ainsley has stumbled upon an outreach niche that is really working for us. This morning, she, Amy Frigaard and Kitty Kruse entertained five other unchurched moms in a bi-weekly moms group.

I am convinced that churches grow by relational footholds. People don’t come for my preaching or Matt’s worship. They come because someone is reaching out and investing in them.

All of my leadership equipping should be directed at training men and women how to invest in one… three… ten other people. I want to help them become mini-pastors.”

I’d take this even a step further. Christians in the world aren’t mini-pastors. They’re the true ministers. As a pastor, I can equip and shepherd. But they’re going to be much more effective at meeting the spiritual, emotional and relational needs of the people God has put in their lives than I ever will.

How can we set an example within the church and create the environments that help people to build real relationships and discuss Christ with the people they know?

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