What it’s worth

From Evotional.com

I told him that marriage complicates your life. But it’s a good complication. Kids complicate your life. You’ve got to change diapers and arrange play dates 🙂 Success complicates your life. Your life gets busier and busier. Wealth complicates your life. If you’re really blessed it’s a tax nighmare 🙂

He goes on to say that one thing that keeps people from experiencing everything God wants to do in their lives is the fear of complications. We play it safe. We stay in our comfort zone.

It’s similar to the story I read of a 10-year-old standing in front of two pull up bars. One he could easily reach and hang on to. The other was going to be a challenge to even touch. His dad asked him which one looked doable. The short one. But which one would be the most rewarding? The one that took more work. It’s so easy to only do what we know we can do. But when we reach beyond ourselves it gives God a chance to be glorified and gives us a chance to grow.

Life isn’t about what’s simple or what we think will make us happy. Sometimes the biggest challenges are the things that are the most worth it all.

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