Git R Done

The Monday Morning Insight Weblog posted these thoughts:

“Too bad churches don’t go with that mentality. What if we said, lets do it. Lets reach people for Christ. Lets be all things to all people. Lets throw out tradition if it isn’t relevant. Lets be real. Lets make a real difference in our communities. Lets really love people. Lets accept them no matter what their background or how they dress or how much or little money they have or what are their sinful patters. Lost people will act like lost people. It is time to get serious church and do whatever it takes, I mean whatever it takes to reach our lost and dying world. This is my one true passion that I am willing to take to my grave!’

So… the question for all of us to ponder this week is, ‘What if…?’”

I’d encourage you to go read the rest of his post. It’s so true.

And just so I don’t post only the negatives, there’s some actual things we can do as church leaders at the end of the post:

“What if the whole committee structure somehow evolved into a team approach where teams were empowered to make decisions and carry out ministry? What if we stopped doing things just because we’ve always done them this way? And what would happen if we just stopped doing some ministry programs that just aren’t effective; and took that time and energy to reach out to our community?

Dream a little.

What would happen?

What steps can you take today… this week… in 2006… to help make this happen?

What measureable steps can we make today that will help our church ‘Git R Done’ in the next year?”

We must realize that we probably won’t be able to start out doing everything. What we have to do is take the small steps we’re able to take. Just start moving!

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