Business and Church

There’s a great discussion on church and business over at

“The article got under my skin because it assumed that a church that has good business practices has somehow sold out. Why is it that everyone thinks that a church that does everything with excellence is somehow soft-selling the gospel? “

Check out the comments on this post. It’s easy for someone like me who hasn’t yet had to make the decisions from a church leader standpoint to sit and yak about how I think it should be done. But instead I’ll sit and appreciate the wisdom on both sides. The church needs to approach ministry with excellence. But I also appreciate Steve Sjogren’s comment:

“My one concern is when I have seen the business model taken to an extreme by church boards who are immature, biblically weak and think that success in the business world automatically translates to wisdom and success in the spiritual world. I believe that happens fairly often in the Church world unfortunately.

Last thought – let’s go after excellence, not perfectionism. I have been way on the inside of some of the churches mentioned in the comments here and they frankly don’t know when to stop with their drive and have fallen prey to something that goes way beyond what is good, positive, worth taking on. Jesus was not a perfectionist. He didn’t have an obcessive compulsive disorder.”

Good stuff…

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