Defining "success" defines the approach

Here’s a question to consider. Do type A, driven, leadership people give sermons that appeal to type A, driven, leadership people? Are the things that get some people (including myself) excited enough to preach over the things that God is doing, or the things that God is doing in us?

We have to resist the temptation to inject too much of what God is showing us and the things we’re learning into a sermon. It can be a part, but we should start with what God has said in his Word. From there, we can move to how that applies to life and flavor that with how it applies for us.

To put it another way, the callings and desires God has placed on my life are unique, and that calling affects what I see as valuable and what I see as success. But my “success bullseye” is not going to be the same as everyone’s I speak to. I might be passionate about teaching, leading and casting vision in a ‘body of believers’ setting, but that isn’t the “success bullseye” for most people. The skills and traits I value will therefore be different than the mother whose success bullseye is raising two amazing kids, or the student who God has called to be a nurse. Telling them the five steps to prioritizing your time might be helpful, but what’s going to truly help in the long run is sharing how to live a Godly life and know Him. Keep the points Biblical and basic and illustrate with personal examples.

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