Athletes vs. idols

From Relevant Magazine:

TV analysts are predicting that Fox’s American Idol will beat out NBC’s coverage of the Olympic Games when the two go head-to-head during Feb. sweeps. Another Fox show, Arrested Development, is airing its two-hour season finale during the opening ceremonies …2/2/06 | 12:05 PM

There used to be a time when nothing could beat the olympic powerhouse. I think people still follow it, but we’re more interested in the results than the long competition and mandatory emotional stories. Maybe it’s America’s ADD. Maybe we’re getting the info from other places. Or maybe we like voting on who wins figure skating competitions!

One response to “Athletes vs. idols”

  1. I imagine with the link of the opening ceremonies, and the other events people are more prone to use recordable television devices and fast forward through the artsy parts they get bored of…or fast forward through Switzerlands and Swaziland teams as they get bored of teams marching in.

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