Soul food

So much of what I do and how I apply myself is contextual.

Now that I’m working with the BSM at TCU, my passions for speaking and teaching are focused on a college audience, and I have loved praying about and dreaming up fun and relevant topics to share about from God’s word.

I value quality communication. It’s exciting to share about God and what he is doing. It’s the most relevant and exciting message possible!

But at the same time, it can be rather intimidating. I want the things I say to be Biblical, creative, relevant and understandable. I want people to enjoy hearing, see why it’s important and how they can apply God’s truths today.

And that can be intimidating. It’s a tall order.

That’s why I appreciated the comments from Bob Hyatt on his blog. He’s a pastor (not sure if that’s really his title) at Evergreen Community in Portland, Or. On the quality side, some messages will be great. Others won’t. But in the end, it’s the God stuff that matters. preaching… It’s kind of like…:

“And as we talked, I realized that ‘No one remembers what you preach’ is basically what I think too. Preaching (and listening to it) is like taking vitamins. It has a cumulative effect. Few of us remember many of the sermons we have heard, but over a long period of time, we are taught. Few of us remember many of the gatherings we’re a part of, but over a long period of time, we are formed.

Johnny told me about hearing Jack Hayford talk about this once (on TBN!). Hayford likened reading God’s Word, listening to others teach us, etc to eating. Novel, eh? But keep reading.

He said that every once in awhile, we have a really memorable meal. But most of the time, when we are hungry, we eat. It’s not earthshaking, it’s just what we do to keep our bodies functioning. We don’t really remember what we had for lunch two saturdays ago, two months ago, two years ago. But somehow, eating every day keeps us alive. It would be silly to expect it to rock our world every time.

Same with reading God’s Word, with ‘going to church’, with discussing Scripture with other people… Every once in awhile, something amazing jumps out at us and changes us. But mostly, it’s the every day discipline of coming to God’s Word, it’s the every week submission of putting ourselves under God’s Word… that’s what keeps us alive.

That’s good news to those teaching a community… we don’t have to hit one out of the park every time at bat. It’s enough to put together the singles, the doubles, the occasional strike out and the occasional home run. And when the whole community is practicing the discipline of bringing themselves to God’s Word regularly… I guess the Holy Spirit can take it from there.”

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