Blockbuster, SUVs and Seth

From Seth Godin:

“The reason that Blockbuster exists is that VCR tapes used to cost more than $100.

The reason that SUVs have a truck chassis is that the government regulates vehicles with a truck chassis differently.

The reason you have a front lawn is to demonstrate to your friends and neighbors how much time and energy you’re prepared to waste.

The reason the typewriter keyboard is in a weird order is that original typewriters jammed, and they needed to slow down good typists.

The reason we don’t have school in the summer is so our kids can help with farmwork.”

Just because it’s always been done that way doesn’t mean it’s best. In everything we do, it’s worth stopping every once in a while and asking some important questions. What’s the reason we’re doing this? Why are we doing this?

Feed each task into your personal/business/ministry goals and see what’s left when they all come out on the other end.

Sometimes the best thing to do is simplify and get rid of excess waste.

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