Not just what happens, what matters

That title is the tagline of a local news station in the DFW area. I’ve always thought it was funny when they’d promo a story about a hero dog with three legs and then say, “Coming up on the news at 10. Not just what happens. What matters.”


But in life, we sometimes have the same type of dissonance. We sometimes confuse being busy with being productive. It’s easy to be busy, but it takes a lot of work and intentionality to push out all of the noise and focus on what really matters.

I’ve been trying to do it with my life, and it’s taking time. But hopefully I’m getting closer. So I appreciate what Kevin Cawley says here on his blog. Looks like he’s trying to narrow and simplify what he reads.

Are we spending time on things that will last?

cawleyblog: “My main goal this year has been to loose touch. I have meant to post on this, but have been so successful in achieving my goal thus far that I haven’t really written much for this blog. What I mean by ‘loosing touch’ is that I want to clear my shelves of all the fluffy, faddish books that have so long occupied them– and dig in with all my might to the Bible, and old books of theology written by dead people. So many books that young pastors and church planters (or aspiring pastors and church planters) read will be completely worthless five years from now. I want to focus on the fundamentals and hope to play catch up twenty years from now or so. If books that are currently being published are worth reading, they’ll still be important then. “

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