Finding your call, pursuing your dream

I’m preparing two talks for the BSM on finding your passions and fit in life. It’s amazing how many times I’ll start out thinking I’m going to talk about one thing, but the more I study, pray and think about it the topic grows, changes and narrows.

In reality, you can divide the whole “call” issue into a few topics.

Who am I?
What am I called to do?
Who is God?
What is God doing?

Can you guess which questions are the most important?

I thought I would talk about how we’ve all been given a God-sized dream, and that we need to be willing to pursue the passions He has put in our hearts as we serve Him. That still may be a part, but given the above questions, it looks like the whole first message is really going to focus on the God questions. We can sit around wondering about – and even praying about – our call and the areas where we get the most energy and effectiveness. But really, when we’re seeking and focused on God, a lot of those issues will fall into place naturally.

You think anyone will feel ripped off? “I came to hear about my call! Instead you’re telling me it’s all about God?!?!”

God is big, wild and powerful. We tame him way too much. Hopefully I can get just a small piece of that picture across on March 27th.

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