Hot Pursuit

I just finished the promo cards for a new series we’re starting at the TCU BSM. Starting March 20th, we’ll be talking about the things we chase after in life. From success to looks and from money to sex, we’re all chasing after something. And ususally, it’s one (if not all) of those four.

So if you’re a TCU student you should come and check it out. This is stuff that matters. And the amazing thing is, a book like the Bible has real things to say about the struggles, concerns and challenges we all face today. The fact that we want to look hot and be popular isn’t a surprise to God. The cool thing is, God has ways for us to not only get away from the worry and relentless comparisons some perspectives push us to, but to also get a new perspective where we can pursue the things that really matter.

So join us. The series kicks off this Monday.

2 responses to “Hot Pursuit”

  1. What a great looking info card & I think this series sounds awesome! (I really like the little circles at the top).

  2. Ditto what my husband said. These cards look fantastic!

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