Miscellaneous linkage

Sometimes I find articles that are interesting, but I don’t have anything exceptional to add to them. So they find there way here!
Guy Kawasaki on “The Art of Schmoozing” – great thoughts on how to really connect with people by looking first to meet their needs, not your own.

Since I’ve been looking at Fuller Seminary, I’ve also been following some Fuller students’ blogs. Here’s a good post from Drew Sams on one of my favorite topics: Communicating God’s truth in a culturally relevant way.

And finally, a few interesting links on different types of “marketplace” or “third place” churches. It’s exciting to see different churches embrace new and creative ideas of how to engage and build community. Ben Arment of History Church talks here about a church in Florida that has built a facility with courtyards and cafes that encourages people to interact. And the oft-mentioned Mark Batterson of National Community Church has recently been blogging about the opening of the church’s coffee shop in Washington D.C. They’ve built a full service coffee shop with the church’s offices on the second floor and a place to hold services in the basement. Good stuff. Check ’em out.

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