There’s something different

From Perry Noble:

“To those who think all religions are the same…please read this. Folks–if you make the claim that all religions are the same and that we are all basically taking different roads to the same place…then that tells me two things about you…

#1 – You have never taken the time to seriously investigate what other religions believe. And if you have….then…

#2 – You are an intellectually dishonest individual!

Can you imagine if the story were reversed? Can you imagine if America began executing people who were not Christians? There would be World War III…but for some reason I feel that this dude, if he is executed, will fade away into the third segment of the national news and eventually be forgotten.

I think it was John Piper who said it best, ‘A Muslim will kill to convert you–a Christian will die to convert you.’ Enough said! “

2 responses to “There’s something different”

  1. I don’t really like John Piper’s quote because anyone with any degree of knowledge knows that both Christians and Muslims HISTORICALLY have both used death and warfare as conversion methods.

    And my instinct was at first to say Historically in the Muslim wars of the 700’s and the Crusades it was all a long time ago, and the warfare was on the part of Church-State governments, where the Christian leadership was tied to the papacy…

    but…then I think upon the other European wars that followed after the great refromation and the number of Christians (Protestants and Catholics) who fought and killed in the name of “Truth.”

    All that to say, John Piper’s comment while it sounds nice is very limited in scope.

    –RC of

  2. I’d say that I don’t agree with it completely, but thought it was an interesting quote. I DO believe that reaction toward Christian persecution is an interesting thing. Since the quote was made, though, we’ve seen more and more nations step up in defense of the Christian. It may be more political, but it’s defense either way.

    And, generalizations are always dangerous. In some cases, Piper’s comment is true, but generalities are always dangerous. Some people who call themselves Christians would never die for their beliefs. I spent time yesterday with a Muslim friend who those comments would never apply to.

    Persecution is nothing new. But it’s still difficult to see it happening.

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