The Art of Vuja De


“Well, how about VUJA DE?

It’s a term I ran across in Tom Kelley’s new book, The Ten Faces of Innovation. According to Kelley, vuja de is the, ‘sense of seeing something for the first time, even if you have actually witnessed it many times before.’

Think about it – being able to see and experience something that you’ve experienced a million times before as if it were the first time.

Can you imagine how helpful this would be for our churches and organizations if we would constantly put ourselves in the shoes of our first time guests (or, if you run a business – your customers?)”

Whether it’s church or a business, it’s always good to think like the audience/visitor/other guy in the room. It’s something I constantly talked about when I was editor of a newspaper. And now I have a great word for the whole idea!

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