re.fresh re.focus

To my thousands … no, millions … of loyal readers,

I know this will come as a sad, and possibly difficult, shock to you, but things will be different around here in the upcoming days.

The next week or two are looking crazy for me, so I’ve made a conscious decision to ‘fast’ from blog reading for a while. No reading any blogs! Which also means I won’t be posting here for a week or two.

I enjoy keeping up with people’s thoughts and posts, and have learned a lot from them. But for now I’m trying to focus hard on some of the things that are more immediate and permanent (i.e. family, friends, job, relationships, you get the idea). I’m sure I’m the only one who this happens to, but for me, blogs can be a time killer more than a real means of connection or productivity. Not always. But sometimes.

So for now, we wait. Once a few assignments are out of the way, I’m planning to rejoin the community :).

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