Absorb vs. produce

Let’s start a thought by oversimplifying.

There are two types of people in the world: thinkers and doers. We tend to lean toward one side or the other, but in order to be productive and fruitful, we really need to do both.

For the thinkers:
In today’s info-rich culture, it’s easy to read, think, and mull over ideas, but what are you going to do with it? Maybe you read a lot of blogs. But what’s the fruit of it? Are you contributing to the discussion? Is the discussion changing what you’re doing in life? Maybe you’re around a lot of people and listen to what they’re saying. But are you contributing to conversation?

For the doers:
It’s great to get things done, but are they the right things to be doing? Before we all run in different directions, it’s usually worth stopping to see where we should be headed and whether it’s worth getting there.

In order to really make a difference, we can’t live like one is best. We’ve got to take time to meditate, learn, pray, and plan. But at some point, you know enough. It’s time to get out there and do something, engage a relationship, write a book, or create a new movement.

The body needs food and movement. Too much food without activity, you’ll get fat and lazy. Too much movement without food, and you’ll wither away.

Absorb. Then produce.

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