Sunday reading

People are always talking about different parts of Christianity. Check out these interesting articles on church and culture. The first one is an article on blogging pastors. The second is one person’s opinion on the beliefs of Christians today.

Cyber-Savvy Pastors Blog When the Spirit Moves Them – Washington Post: “‘As a pastor, I shouldn’t be just leading a church but connecting with people using the same formats they use every day,’ Arment said. Blogging is ‘a forum that’s successful because it corresponds with how younger generations think.’”

Liberal Christianity is paying for its sins – Los Angeles Times: “When a Christian church cannot bring itself to endorse a bedrock Christian theological statement repeatedly found in the New Testament, it is not a serious Christian church. It’s a Church of What’s Happening Now, conferring a feel-good imprimatur on whatever the liberal elements of secular society deem permissible or politically correct.”

2 responses to “Sunday reading”

  1. dericksonbrown

    Jon, by posting an editorial like this, it leads one to believe that you support this person’s position. Frankly, that scares me.

  2. Actually, I purposefully didn’t write much about it or give an opinion. I more posted it for discussion. As with any opinion column, it’s written from one side almost to a fault. It’s very strong.

    Like I said in the intro, it’s one person’s take on a piece of Christian life today. That’s it. I think it’s always good to know what people are saying. Been reading the LA times recently, and it stood out.

    It’s very difficult to look at an entire section of churches and make over arching judgments. Look at any denomination and you’ll probably find both some problems and some great things happening in God’s name.

    As with a number of things I post, I put ’em here because I find them interesting … not meant to frighten anyone :).

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