Today, one hermit crab celebrates

Hermie’s been neglected.

You see, ever since my wife got two turtles as pets about three years ago, her little hermit crab has been largely ignored. He used to get a lot of attention. But slowly, the two larger animals took center stage. He was cared for (my wife’s great at taking care of anything living), but he wasn’t focused on. In fact, we even forgot his name! He had another name at one point. Now he’s just Hermie the hermit crab.

But the turtles moved to a new home on Tuesday. What’s my wife doing tonight? Cleaning Hermie’s cage.

Hermie has a new lease on life!

2 responses to “Today, one hermit crab celebrates”

  1. I didn’t even know you guys had a crab. You might have mentioned it the first time I was at the place. But I sure don’t remember it. Oh no…I added to the neglect.

  2. that’s really sweet, to be honest, i forgot you had “hermie” too.

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