Life lessons from blogging (part 1)

Relationships are simpler than you think.

Here’s how it works in the blog world: Do you want your people to start reading your blog? The solution isn’t to have the best blog ever, or to even say wonderfully profound things on your blog. That can help, but the best way to get readers is to be a good reader. Read other people’s blogs. Comment. Be interested in what they’re saying and compliment them.

Some people will respond. Others won’t. Focus on those who do respond and move on.

Oh, and having something worth saying never hurts.

Here’s how it works in real life: Want to have strong relationships? The solution isn’t to be the most intelligent or the most clever. It’s to be interested in what others are saying and complement them.

Some people will respond. Others won’t. Focus on those who do respond and move on.

Oh, and having a good story or two never hurts, either.

5 responses to “Life lessons from blogging (part 1)”

  1. Anomie-Atlanta

    Well written! (BTW, came here by way of RC.)

  2. great points…

    I think this is true, this is how most readers came to strangeculture.

    Like anomie above who has left some wonderful comments on my own blog 🙂

    –RC of

  3. so if this is part 1 when do we get to see part 2?

  4. So, my question is, does the time and energy we spend immersed in our cyber community come at the expense of our flesh face time with neighbors and friends? And do I care? If I can share ideas and philosophy with total strangers via blogging is that any less significant to my soul than talking about the weather with my next door neighbor?

    While it shouldn’t be an absolute either / or dichotomy, every choice I make in how to use my time and attention does have an opportunity cost in that it makes me unavailable to do something else.

    If I’m on the computer more than smiling at loved ones, is that taking me down a road I need to be wary of?

    I think we all hunger for the opportunity to be authentic. For some, this feels like a “safe” place to begin. But for me, it is just that a BEGINNING. I love trolling the blogosphere for new ideas and then actually TALKING with people I know in my real life about some of these concepts.

    As with most things, its all about BALANCE.

  5. I agree completely, belladonna. I blogged a little about what you’re talking about here. I think the internet ‘world’ can help us connect to people in a lot of great ways. But sometimes it’s also to use it as a procrastination tool instead of engaging in relationships with the people around us.

    Good thoughts!

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