Move ’em out!

Next week my wife and I will make a big move from Fort Worth to Pasadena, Ca. so I can finish up seminary! So, because of the important and time-consuming task of putting everything we own into boxes and then taking everything we own out of boxes, expect this space to be a little quieter over the next two weeks or so. Other than the occasional post I can’t help but share, I’ll be focusing on a few more pressing matters (like moving … finding a job … learning where on earth the grocery store is … you know, that stuff).

But hey, Kem says that less frequent posting ain’t all that bad. Plus, maybe the move will inspire my dear wife to start posting a few things on her blog …

Only time will tell…

One response to “Move ’em out!”

  1. Anomie-Atlanta

    Good luck on the big move!

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