Something followed Grete home from the mall

Sometimes “new leases on life” can be short lived.

I posted here that since the departure of the pet turtles from the Sampson household, my wife, (who loves animals) had turned her attention back to her pet hermit crab. She cleaned out Hermie’s home and put him in a new place of prominence in our apartment.

When he was placed in his new place he was dragging a little. He crawled into a corner. “Hermie’s probably tired,” we thought. After all, he had buried himself in the sand earlier. He’d had a long day. He’s hibernating or something.

When he hadn’t moved for two days, Grete picked him up. Hermie was dead! (Talk about bad timing!)

For what it’s worth, he had a good life. Typical hermit crabs live about a year. He lived just over three years. That makes him about 240 in “hermit crab years” by my calculations. I’ll be impressed if I live to half of that.

Not ones to dwell on the past, we now we have two new hermit crab tenants. Cali and Tex came home with Grete from the mall today.

Seeing as we’ll be living in seminary housing for the next two years or so, they’ll probably be our only pets. I’m sure they’ll get plenty of attention.

One response to “Something followed Grete home from the mall”

  1. what if your hermit crab blogging is a curse and the hermit crabs don’t make it to cali alive!! G will never let you blog about your pets ever again, or probably your future children.

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