Those little stressors

It had already been a long day.

Between figuring out apartment stuff, looking for jobs, unpacking boxes, and finding a mechanic to fix a problem with Grete’s car so she could have her car SMOG tested and registered in California, my lovely wife and I were already just a little on edge.

Then as I was backing out of my new, super small parking spot to follow her to the mechanic, I hear a loud POP! I pull away from the metal pole to the left of the parking spot and watch my drivers’ side mirror fall to the side of my car and dangle by a cord.

The past six days in California have been both exciting and tiring. It’s been exciting to meet new people, experience a new place, and look forward to the future. It’s just those dang details that have been draining. Between moving in, finding our way around, looking for jobs, and hanging out at the California DMV, there has been a lot to do. It’s tiring and expensive … especially when you find out both of your cars need extra repairs to be ‘legal’ in a new state!

But even though we’ve both been ‘on edge’ a little over the past week (fun married conversations!), Grete and I are excited to be here in a new phase of life. There’s a lot to do, but God is constantly reminding me of one thing.

Where God calls, He provides.

3 responses to “Those little stressors”

  1. oh no…on your mirror…mega bummer.

    your in our prayers — daily!!!

  2. ditto RC! Amen for duct tape 😉

  3. Congrats on your safe arrival!

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