Lessons learned

I love it when people share what they’ve been learning through journeying in a relationship with God. It just shows we have a personal God who teaches us, grows us and shapes us as we obey and learn. Here’s the list of things Brett said he’s learned over the past year.

They’re all good, but I’ve left a few out so you’ll have to visit his blog to read the whole thing. 🙂

1) Being disciplined is obtainable
2) Mistakes are easily made and looking like an idiot is hard to avoid
4) God doesn’t always give you what you want, though you think what you want will glorify Him
6) Most times, what God calls us to is easy, being obedient is the hard part
7) Obedience to God almost always involves being inconvenienced
8) Look for the hungry and pray the satisfied grow hungry
9) Life must be lived intentionally or it will wasted
11) I have a LOT to learn

One response to “Lessons learned”

  1. I like #9. I’m always forgetting that.

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