Lessons learned, part II

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I love hearing the lessons people learn from life. And, since I’m interested in church planting, lessons learned from people going through that journey stick out to me. A couple of guys I follow in the blog world recently posted what they’ve learned after a few years of church starting work. They both have some great observations from different perspectives and parts of the nation. Check ‘em out, and see if anything applies to where you are in life.

Gary Lamb’s 21 lessons from 2 years of church planting

David Trotter’s reflections on 3 years and counting
(For some reason, the direct link to his post might not be working. If it just comes up with a blank screen, go here and scroll down to his Sept. 11, 2006 post)

Oh, and Osei, if you still read this, I’m fully expecting some insights on your blog after a year or so of work with ethne

One response to “Lessons learned, part II”

  1. Hey Jonathan. I came across this particular page because I have a firefox extension that instantly tells me who’s bloggin about whatever page every time I visit a new url. It’s nice.

    so yeah sharing the lessons in this ethne experience will be my pleasure. It’s an adventure man and I think that’s the way life should be, right?

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