Get a little culture

Wanna feel a little more intelligent in your spare time?

I just found a new website through lifehacker. Daily Lit will email you daily with small pieces of classic novels that are now part of the public domain. Every day (or weekday if you choose) you’ll receive a small chunk of the story. Over time, you’ll finish the whole book.

I just signed up for A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. It will be emailed to me on weekdays in 129 parts. We’ll see how it works!

Seems like a creative and original idea to me. Check it out…

One response to “Get a little culture”

  1. let me know how that works out…

    tale of two cities origianally was published in a serial matter…

    Dickens was paid by the word (which I think you’ll be able to tell) and the story is kind of episodic, with mini-cliffhangers and lots of characters.

    not my favorite, but i also don’t really care much for too much “classic lit” especially of the “british lit” variety…I’m more of a 20th century lit person…

    but enough about me…enjoy yourself some Dickens.

    –RC of

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