I’ve decided to start collecting rejection letters.

No, it’s not an odd, self-depreciating hobby. In truth, I don’t have enough of them. God has opened doors in amazing ways since I graduated from college. Jobs have come where I needed them and He’s allowed me to be in some pretty awesome places.

But as Grete and I are applying for new jobs in a new place with very few connections, a few rejections can remind me that we’ve got to reach out of our comfort zones and try things beyond what we expect. If the only answer we ever receive is a “yes,” we may be aiming too low in our expectations. I believe God has a place – a fit – for us vocationally here. And as we seek Him in finding that, we’ve also got to start moving and looking. In the process, there may be some God-ordained no’s. Instead of feeling bad, we can celebrate that there’s a place for us, and this obviously wasn’t it.

Dreaming big and seeking God may involve some “no’s,” but without risk, we never have movement, progress and success.

One response to “Rejection”

  1. there was a famous modern poet…can’t remember who…i want to say W.S Merwin, but maybe not…who saved his rejection letters he received and posted them in his work space.

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