“Until you master yourself, you have no business trying to master the world. Gordon MacDonald has written: ‘Many years ago I learned their dirtiest, most crabbed secret. That their passion to change the world derived from the fact that they could not change themselves.’”

– Bob Roberts Jr. in Transformation: How Glocal Churches Transform Lives and the World


2 thoughts on “Mastery

  1. RC says:

    that’s a really striking quote especially what MacDonald says.

    Very interesting, thank you for sharing this quote.

    –RC of

  2. J.R. Woodward says:


    Thanks for passing the quote on. So you are at fuller huh? I’m living here in Hollywood. I am pursuing a MAGL at Fuller right now. Maybe we can connect sometime when life slows down a bit for me. Looks like you have some interesting blogs. Peace.

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