Link roundup

Here are a few interesting links – just in time for a little weekend reading.

+ Tim Keller on what it takes for a church to become a reproducing church. (You’ve got to give up something)

+ Chris Elrod tells how totals don’t tell the whole picture in the life of a church. He also gives a picture of an average day in the life of a church planter.

+ Gary Lamb rants on music stands. Shouldn’t worship leaders know what they’re playing?

+ Scott McKnight talks about 20somethings and sustainable faith. Looks like most young adults disengage from faith during the time in between their teens and having a family.

+ Jim Perdue disagrees with the idea of “church-lite”.

+ Michael Lukaszewski talks about the solution to church-lite: realizing that seekers aren’t stupid.

+ For the leader: Five books every leader needs.

+ What happens when a church tones down the show and leaves their meetings a little rough around the edges?

+ A reminder: to preach a powerful message, you’ve got to live a powerful life. You are the message.

+ And finally, this may be odd, but we’ve been watching season two of 24, and this guy looks like he could be Tony Almeida’s brother. Now you know.

One response to “Link roundup”

  1. wow, good links…and that guy does look like he could be Tony Almeda’s brother.

    –RC of

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