Those crazy things you learn in seminary

Today I learned my high school teacher had it wrong.

I’ve always pronounced the Greek letter pi as “pie”. That’s how my math teachers taught me to say it. Today, I learned it’s pronounced “pee”. I don’t know why. It just is.

Now I’ve got to figure out why it’s different (for my own curiosity’s sake). Is it because the nation where the math concept originated pronounced the Greek letter that way? Is it because high schoolers and middle schoolers can’t handle a concept pronounced “pee”?

Ahh, the big life questions.

2 responses to “Those crazy things you learn in seminary”

  1. this is just so bizarre…i never knew.

  2. yeah, i’m pretty sure it’s either because 11th grade boys wouldn’t be able to handle learning about “pee” without snickering or because most math teachers couldn’t teach about “pee” without blushing…funny.

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