Chase a lion

I just finished reading the first chapter of In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day, and I’m already inspired to go take a few risks and grow in how I live out the “God-chasing” life.

Mark Batterson, pastor at National Community Church in Washington D.C., is a great storyteller with an innovative vision who brings a call for us to run to challenges as Christians. It’s not a new message, but from what I’ve read, Batterson tells it with sincerity, passion and originality. Sometimes, we need less information and more motivation. I think this book’s going to provide both.

I’m getting a free copy from helping buzz the book, but this is one I’d want to buy anyway – even on a stretched seminarian budget. I’m looking forward to getting informed and inspired by a guy who is in the middle of an innovative ministry and living out what he preaches.

Hopefully Mark won’t mind the pre-release quote : ), but here’s a sentence or two that stood out to me:

“Here’s the point: God is in the résumé-building business. He is always using past experiences to prepare us for future opportunities. But those God-given opportunities often come disguised as man- eating lions. And how we react when we encounter those lions will determine our destiny. We can cower in fear and run away from our greatest challenges. Or we can chase our God-ordained destiny by seizing the God-ordained opportunity.

As I look back on my own life, I recognize this simple truth: The greatest opportunities were the scariest lions. Part of me has wanted to play it safe, but I’ve learned that taking no risks is the greatest risk of all.”

You can check out the book and purchase a copy or two here.

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