Start moving!

I’m a big picture person. So when I start thinking about ministry, or plans, it’s easy to start looking at the whole picture.

“What’s the point? Where are we headed? What are our values?”

A lot of that is good and valuable. A lot of people don’t take long enough to do that.

But at some point, you have to do something else. You have to start moving.

Most of the time, when God is moving in life, you’re not going to have the whole picture. You have to pray, seek, and go! As Bob Roberts said, you’ve got to grab what’s in front of you!

I’ve started working with small groups at Glenkirk Church here in California. It’s exciting to jump into a ministry and start meeting the people, seeing where things are, and prayerfully seeking what’s next for the ministry. So as I pray, talk with leaders, feel out the culture of the church, it’s exciting to get an idea of what could be next. I already have some thoughts that will obviously be refined as I learn more, talk with people, listen to the leaders, etc.

All of the planning is exciting, but at some point, we also have to start acting on the things we know right now. So, as a leadership team, we’re about to start a healthy process of praying, listening, acting and adjusting! We won’t be sure about everything, but we’ll start moving forward on the things that seem the most clear.

As we’re journeying through life, we need to pray, listen, act and adjust. The planning shouldn’t keep us from doing the obvious first steps!

One response to “Start moving!”

  1. Nice. Big picture thinking is not very common in our circles. I’m glad to find your Blog & Twitter. I’ll be a regular around here, I think.

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