All types…

From Ben Arment …

I believe a sign of spiritual maturity in pastors is seeing that God uses all types of churches to build his kingdom. By my standards, their tactics are absurd; their approaches are irrelevant; and their decisions are irrational. But one thing is certain ~ God uses all types of churches to impact people for eternity.

And my way isn’t the only way…

I never understood this 10 years ago when I was attending my father’s country church in Tipp City, Ohio. I thought there was only one right way of doing things, and I became my dad’s biggest thorn in the flesh. Instead of contributing, I criticized… Instead of leading, I loitered… Instead of building-up, I abandoned…

When our hands and feet aren’t serving, the only thing that moves is our mouth.

History in the Making: What Mr. T can teach us about ministry

One response to “All types…”

  1. good quote to pull out jon…i like it and agree w/ what ben’s saying here.

    –RC of

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