The cringe factor

This post isn’t a reflection, but it’s related to a lot of what we’re discussing in class. When an institution is out of touch with the subculture/culture it’s within, people outside of the church culture just won’t get it. Off key music and lousy graphics can produce the cringe factor, but even more than that, lives that aren’t living the values they say they believe and people who aren’t authentic and sincere can produce the same reaction …

Nicole said they try to remove what they call the cringe factor. I think most church goers know what the cringe factor is intuitively. Here’s my definition: it’s something you do that is totally out of touch with culture or you couldn’t get by with outside the four walls of the church.

Nicole said we blame alot of the things that make people cringe on the Holy Spirit.

True dat.

I think our gatherings ought to have miraculous and mysterious elements that aren’t understandable to people without spiritual intuition. But those things don’t make people cringe. They produce awe. – Originality, Authenticity, Creativity

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