The past week has been a blur! In the last seven days I have had more papers, tests, to dos, and get dones than could possibly be done by one sane person! I’ve loved all of it, but I’m ready to get back to a life that has a little time for relationships and relaxation.

I’ve got to thank Grete, though. She’s been wonderful, supportive and encouraging through all of the busyness. To celebrate, we’re even going on a date to Wal-Mart on Friday!! (You’re curious now, aren’t you?)

The picture is of a chart I made to help me make sense of a paper I finished this morning over two early church theologians …

2 responses to “Whew!”

  1. i bet the paper’s really good…i’d be interesting to read a jon paper…with all your journalism and preaching thoughts, I imagine your organization and conciseness in the paper was excellent.

    I suspect your teacher will be blown away by your work.

  2. cool picture of your notes. i’m sure you’re doing great in school jon.

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