Passion matters

It’s confession time. When I was in college, I wouldn’t put much effort into studying. It took too much time. I’d rather be hanging out with people, working at the school paper, or just doing something else.

But I think there was another reason at play as well. Not studying is safer. When you put less in, it hurts less to crash and burn. What happens when you study all week for a test and then fail?

I love one of the core values at National Community Church: Playing it safe is risky. Going the easy route seems safe, but when you add up the missed opportunities you’ll see an entirely different picture.

Here’s the point. Whatever you’re doing, make sure it’s never “just a job”.

“Just a job” is safe. “Just a job” means that if you mess up or don’t really achieve all that’s expected, it’s ok, because you haven’t really put much into it to begin with.

There will be times when God calls us to places that take work – things that we might not really enjoy. But we need to make sure we’re there because of a calling – not because of a fear of risk. And while we’re there, we need to put our whole selves into that task.

Other times, it might mean God’s calling us somewhere else. That change might mean giving something up. It might mean a loss of safety and certainty.

It took me a few years to realize one simple truth. Just because I can do something doesn’t mean I should. After a number of tries and misses at finding that fit, I feel like I’m on the right path. I’m excited about the things I’m doing and the things I’m learning. It’s still challenging, but each challenge is a step toward a calling.

What is the passion God has put on your heart? That thing you’re willing to chase after when all outside motivations are gone? When no one else is cheering or cares, what will you still care deeply about? You may not know right now, and that’s ok. But these are questions worth praying about and patiently pursuing.

I was lucky. I did well in school without the work (being a good test taker does wonders). But do we want the same result in life? To just get by?

Passion energizes. Passion is catchy. But to be passionate takes risk. Without risk, without the chance of failure, there’s really no chance of great success.

Pursue God. Pursue passion.

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