Hospitals, country clubs and training camps

I posted this on my class blog a few weeks ago but also thought it was worth sharing here. More thoughts on church!

Up. In. Out.

Connecting to God, each other, the world

Interactive relationship with God, Transparent connections, Glocal impact

Gathering, Growing and Going.

The models have different names, but they mean the same thing. It seems there are three main movements in the Christian’s life, and all three must be happening for healthy growth.

In our discussion Thursday I shared one of my core convictions in my group. I’ve heard the cliché before that the church isn’t a country club for saints, it’s a hospital for sinners. But I disagree with both of those pictures. Yes, we are all sinners and need healing, but a better image might be that the church is a training camp for Christ followers.

We aren’t meant to just go to be among other Christians and get fed and healed. We’re meant to go and do something. If the church is simply a group of nice people getting nicer, it won’t have much impact on culture. It won’t further the kingdom of God. It won’t transform a world that needs transformation.

Healing is important. Knowing God is important. Being loved and contributing to community is important. But God will also call us to risk and serve, and it’s through that obedient journey that we continue to heal, know God and experience real community. Don’t just hear the word and deceive yourself. Do what it says!

2 responses to “Hospitals, country clubs and training camps”

  1. Here, here! Right on the money my friend.

  2. […] recent posts. He writes here about seeing the church functioning in three dimensions (similar to these). We need to gather corporately, as smaller groups relationally, and as people who are sent – on […]

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