The BEST hour!

I normally don’t comment on other churches. I don’t think it’s useful for one person out of a context to critique another church. God could be using them. I should never think I know the one way!

But I do have to make one comment about this one.

Louie Giglio said once that terminology becomes theology, so it’s important that we think about the words we use. Those words are going to affect how people think and believe.

I found the picture above on a church’s website. They seem to be doing some great stuff. A lot of it is more “come and see” rather than “go and do,” but they seem to have some good small groups, etc.

But is “The best hour of your week” really the message they’re trying to send? Is church one hour? Is the Sunday show the best hour? Is it the point?

Terminology becomes theology. We have to think carefully about what we’re doing. The path we’re headed on is going to get specific results. Are they the results we want?

3 responses to “The BEST hour!”

  1. I pity the life of the person who’s best hour is spent in church.

  2. I pity the life of the person who’s best hour is spent in church.

  3. another great post. and key thought: terminology becomes theology. Oh I’ve missed reading from your blog my friend.

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