The shape of leadership

I’m working to develop new small group structures at church right now, so it’s time again for the big picture thoughts.

What does a small group leader look like? I think you have a necessary high bar and low bar to leadership – both a high standard to live up to and a real sense that everyone is welcome.

There’s a low bar because most of the time, perfectly qualified leaders doubt their ability to lead. If a small group is a “group of friends (new and existing) who consistently get together and are intentional about having spiritual conversations and following Christ,” then there are a lot of people who can facilitate that. You just have to be someone who can invite people over and make them feel welcome!

But there’s also a high bar for leadership. If small groups are the heart of the church, than small group leaders are really the frontline pastors. They’re the lead servants. They set the tone for the church and make people feel welcome. A small group leader who catches a missional vision and has a heart for God, the people in the group, and the world outside of the group can absolutely impact the entire church and the world through his or her leadership and service.

So while you want anyone to see it’s possible to lead, it seems you also need certain criteria. Here’s where I’m at right now. It’s a short and simple list that includes mainly character things, but a few practical ones as well.

  • Teachable
  • Empowers people in group to lead and serve
  • Active at Glenkirk – if you’re a leader in the church, you need to be committed to this local body)
  • Called and growing – feels a call/passion to this ministry and is actively growing in his or her walk with God.
  • Hospitality gift – able to reach out, connect and make people feel welcome.

So there are my leader requirements. You may notice something quite special and pastorish about them. They spell something! I’ve never really done that before, but when you notice an opening, you’ve just got to take it.

What do you think? Would you add or subtract anything? Chime in, and don’t worry about messing up the acronym. 🙂

2 responses to “The shape of leadership”

  1. awesome, awesome post.

    ~Ben Arment

  2. I like your list. I think it might refer to it in the coming months.

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