In honor of today, here’s Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech …

And here’s an idea for churches (and anyone) from Church Marketing Sucks. Why not plan some time to serve your community or nearby areas on the day many people have off?

The concept “it’s not a day off, it’s a day on” honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day as not just a holiday break from working, but a chance to serve our communities. The idea is brilliant (thank you Congress of 1994!).

I’m sure Dr. King would have preferred any honor people were going to give him to be done in the name of serving others rather than serving ourselves.

I know there’s still so much to learn about justice and equality, but I’m so thankful for men and women like Dr. King who push against injustice and challenge society’s assumptions.

One response to “MLK Day”

  1. that is an interesting idea of serving others in that way…

    yesterday in our service it was “international day” (i don’t know if they purposely lined that up with MLK day?)

    But in our service of around 1000 people I’d guess there were people from 62 different countries. (43 difference countries in the first service, 23 in the saturday night service).

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