Smaller churches are important!

Bob Roberts has some great things to say about church planting and church planting movements…

“On more than one occasion, I’ve found myself in a group of mega-church pastors who make a statement like this. “We need to partner to start some significant churches–we don’t need to waste our time on these little churches of a hundred or two hundred–but to really start a thriving large church.” They don’t get it! I try to educate them, but, more often than not, to no avail. When they make a statement like that they miss two things. First, they don’t know their history. Where faith has exploded, it has never been because of the multiplication of mega-churches, but of smaller churches from 50 to 200.”

“Second, they don’t understand the nature of movements. Movements are personal and viral. Where movements have emerged, it hasn’t been because of the large, but because of the small. There is a difference between a fad and a movement. A fad is a short-lived growth spurt based on mass hype and enthusiasm. A movement is a long-term growing tsunami gathering every drop of water that will change the landscape of everyone and thing it touches.”

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