Thursday linkage: house churches, justice, and wufoo

A few things around the web that caught my attention …

+ TIME Magazine writes about the spread of the house church movement.

+ summarizes a podcast with Gary Haugen of International Justice Mission. This guy’s involved in some powerful stuff. From the summary: “We can point [hurting people] to God through the way we live because the way we live – what it is we believe – is going to be manifested by the way we actually act.” Just another example of how the Christian life involves both proclamation and action.

+ And finally, a resource I’ve been loving. If you ever need to do a survey or have a sign up form (I use it for our small group ministry), check out It’s an easy way to set up online forms. You get a few free ones (with a max of 10 fields), but they have pay options as well. Here’s an example of one I’ve been using. Just don’t fill it out unless you’re ready to lead a small group in Southern California!

2 responses to “Thursday linkage: house churches, justice, and wufoo”

  1. wow…woofu’s form you made looks nice. that’s pretty cool.

  2. ditto. that form is really cool looking. i will def. be using that site.

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