How do you handle time?

I was listening to one of the Catalyst podcasts while working out this morning and heard a brief interview with relationship guru Les Parrott, who writes books with his wife Leslie (I love it when marriages give people “cute” name combos). He mentioned a quick assessment that will tell how you handle time. It basically boils down to whether you’re future or present oriented and whether you’re structured or unstructured.

So Grete and I popped on over to the site and took the free assessment. It took maybe 3 minutes. Tops. I found out – no surprise – that I’m future-oriented and maybe just a little unstructured.

The Dreamer: The results of your assessment reveal that you approach time as a Dreamer. This means you tend to relate to time more subjectively than objectively. In comparison to other people, this makes you more unscheduled than scheduled. You’re not nearly as “up tight” about staying on task and you’re rarely accused of being regimented.

You are also more oriented toward the future than the present. In other words, you love what is about to happen. You have a vision for it. You derive energy from it. And like a visitor from the future you can tell others (especially your spouse) about the excitement that is just around the bend. No matter that the vision may not be realistic, you want to try it on and simply imagine. You love what could be.

It says more, but I won’t bore you. I know you’re much more interested in how you handle time. So go take the assessment for yourself.

It’s an interesting way to look at how people relate and how they handle expectations and events. They take a different approach than the standard personality profile. It was interesting for Grete and I to compare how we view things.

Now, I guess I’ll now have to go read the book to see what this all really means for how we relate. 🙂

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