Two-way teaching

We held the first of two sessions of our newly revamped new leader training for small groups today, and I had a great time getting to know some people who I know will launch some amazing groups.

We’re trying something a little different than the church has done in the past. Our small group training is done in a small group. Instead of piling 30 people into a room and lecturing, we’re gathering six to 10 people around a living room and talking about the vision, values, and practices of small groups.

Here’s one observation from today’s training. Our time is always more engaging and interesting when everyone gets the opportunity to participate. People learn more when I ask a question than they ever do when I pontificate on a point. Listening to a lecture (or even an excellent presentation filled with examples and stories) is just about absorbing something. When people answer questions, they’re forced to process and create. The group comes to life.

Funny thing is, I’m scheduled to teach at church in a week and a half. I like speaking. But you just can’t beat the interaction that happens in small groups that goes above and beyond information transfer.

2 responses to “Two-way teaching”

  1. i completly understand what you’re saying about interaction over information transfer.

    today i had 5-10 minutes to teach about 100 middleschoolers and i’m left scratching my head…

    how do i do this, what do I say???

    I DEFINITLY prefer a small group interactive model of teaching, it’s certainly more in line with my gifts.

    Good luck preaching! I wish I could be there.

  2. […] I’m all for discussion, but there’s a place for it. Next time, I think I’ll just pass a copy of this to them… It’ll allow us to hear the professor speak instead of someone who’s been thinking about this topic for five minutes :). […]

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