My favorite spots for graphics


Although I do graphic design a lot less now than I used to, every once in a while I have to put together something that looks nice. And that thing that looks nice is typically low budget. So for those of you who may not have seen ’em, here are my top three stock photo sites.

Stock Xchange
This one’s free, which is nice, but it may not have exactly what you’re looking for. This is my first choice for blog images because … well … I’m cheap.
This one’s my favorite. It’s great site with photos, graphics, and nice icons. Images can run between $1-$15 depending on size.

Stock Xpert
The “costs money” cousin of Stock Xchange. Similar to istockphoto.

So why not just search Google and pick an image? Two reasons: poor quality and permissions. Most images online are going to be at 72 dpi and won’t look good if you try to print them at a decent size. Plus, at these stock photo sites, the permissions are clear. You know whether you’re legally able to use the image.

Sure, the guy or gal who took the photo and posted it on flickr may not find you using it – but it’s better to be safe and secure! Spend the dollar!

2 responses to “My favorite spots for graphics”

  1. those are also my top 3 stock photo sites and i use them constantly at work. sometimes stock exchange has technical issues, but hey, they’re free.

  2. Hey those are my favourites too! I use iStock a stack for my work with Forge here in Oz. Another good one is – also free!

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