Building momentum with balance (part one)


A = Lots of work’s getting done, but you’re not connecting with others, so there’s no real progress.
B = You have dreams. You sit and talk about them. You share them with others. But no one’s moving toward them, so what’s the point?
C = You’re working hard, you’re sharing the work. You’re busy cutting down trees together, but they may be in the wrong forest.
D = You’re focused. You’re moving. And you’re not alone. You see health, progress, momentum, and transformation.


Just wanted to throw out an idea that’s been bouncing around in my head recently. Here’s how it works.

We all have three main functions in leadership. Each person prefers or leans towards certain parts, but we need all three pieces to be successful leaders.

We need the vision time to step back and see where we’re headed (and get ideas for what’s next). We need those action times to press through and just get stuff done. And probably most importantly, we need the relationships and connections with others that allow everything to be shaped by others’ wisdom and to spread beyond our own little sphere.

As an individual, if you do naturally lean in one direction, focus on it and do it well, but be sure to realize the value and importance of the others. I’m a vision/idea guy, but love relationships and am still learning to press through and get the stuff done.

I’ve found that when I focus all my time on one or two areas, productivity and momentum decreases. When I’m intentional about pressing forward in all three, ministry happens and things start rolling.

Do you find yourself spending more time in one area than others?

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