Leave it behind

cellphone.jpgMy cell phone goes with me wherever I go. Most of the time, that’s a good thing.

But there’s a downside. Sometimes, when I’m in the car, I just want to zone out, listen to music, and do very little else. I’ve been thinking all day. It’s time to just drive. But unless I act on it, there’s something nagging me the whole trip. I have a phone, there are people I should call, so I should be working!

Today, I forgot the phone at home. When I got into the car after church, it was great! I sat, I I listened, and I drove. It made it ok to focus here and now – in the moment – instead of on all the other things I could or should be doing.

Sometimes we need those same excuses in life. Maybe it’s an organization system. Maybe it’s just a mindset. But we need a way to feel it’s ok to focus where we are – to be present. I’ve got to take one thing at a time or nothing gets done. And through lots of “one things at a time,” a lot gets accomplished.

Maybe it’s time to leave the “cell phone” at home today. Without the “should” feelings, it’s easier to move forward in the moment.

One response to “Leave it behind”

  1. My campus pastor turns his phone off every night at 7:30pm. I give him the hardest time about that because I work late ALL THE TIME. Oftentimes I don’t sit down and church work until 10pm at night. It drove me nuts knowing that I couldn’t get him when I needed him.

    Then I realized how cool it is that he’s spending that time with wife/family. And I wished I was man enough to turn the cell phone off.

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